Questions that need to be answered

This is the ongoing list of specific questions that need answering as part of the investigation into Jigsaw Primary and what has happened there.

  • Why do teachers (permanent ones) suddenly disappear? A primary school that has only been open a few years, and only has one form per year group – has haemorrhaged 23 teachers in recent years.
  • What are the reasons given to the teachers who have been dismissed as to exactly why they were asked to leave?
  • Why there is an injunction against the local newspaper reporting anything to do with the school’s management or union involvement?
  • Why has one of the major teaching unions been so heavily involved with staffing issues?
  • Why was absolutely no information given to any parents to enable them help their children adapt to the changes (of teacher, mainly. One class has had four teachers so far this academic year)?
  • Why did the head resign (the first time) with a fanfare and a seemingly brilliant, shiny new job to go to… and then un-resign a few days later, only after the head had been given a petition from people who liked the head and wanted them to stay? Also why, as a parent, are you now treated differently depending on whether your name was/was not on that petition?
  • Why is it an open secret that this school’s SATs exams are artificially inflated, and that teachers including members of the Senior Management Team are complicit in encouraging the children to cheat by giving them the answers and having them re-do parts of the exam after the papers have been checked but before being sent off?
  • How can a classroom teaching assistant have enough access to the personal data of the parents and carers of many children at a school (and that of some children who have been moved to other schools), to be able to send them, by mail, a letter singing the praises of a senior management team who have just left the school? Were the passwords of the outgoing senior leadership team revoked/expired as soon as they resigned? Or was it one of them that sent the letter?
  • How much money has Jigsaw Primary has spent on recruitment of teachers over the past 3 years? Furthermore, I’d also like to know whether any of that money has been spent with the company owned by the chair of governors, that conducts business in a similar area. If money has been spent with that company, has there been appropriate policies and procedures put into action to avoid a conflict of interest?
  • The name of the head on all documentation is different to the one used publicly and in the media, allowing some potential for ¬†disassociation between past form as head of Jigsaw Primary, and any future employment. Have any steps been taken to prevent this from happening?
  • What steps will be taken to ensure the school’s record of teachers’ performance and reasons for leaving will be an accurate representation of what actually happened? In their current state they cannot be relied upon for accurate references, which is a requirement for teachers and their future employers to access when they apply for new jobs, and an inaccurate record could prejudice their future employment.